Kaushalya Reddy

Gifted with an expressive face and an aesthetic figure, Kaushalya Reddy’s breezy footwork and grace has established her as one of the premier Kuchipudi artists of today. She began her training under the famous guru Vedantam Rathiah Sharma before going onto becoming one of the senior most disciples of Padmabhushans Drs. Raja Radha Reddy. As a performer Kaushalya has performed at many prestigious venues such as Sadler’s Well, London, Hungarian Arts Festival, New York Consulate, Eden Derry Festival, Saka Tokyo and Play House, South Africa. She has toured USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and UAE.

Apart from being an established performer in her own right, she has been the key person for conducting the affairs of Raja-Radha Reddy's performances all over the world for decades. Eventually she became an integral part of Raja Reddy’s life by marrying him. Kaushalya along with Raja Radha Reddy established the Natya Tarangini Kuchipudi dance school in 1976. Here she had dedicated herself to train students in the glorious art of Kuchipudi. In addition to training she has been working tirelessly towards the promotion of classical dance in India. Kaushalya started the now well-known annual ‘Parampara Series’ National festival of music & dance New Delhi in 1998. Quality over quantity is a motto Kaushalya believes in strongly. Kaushalya has spent the last five years towards the construction of a world class performing arts Centre in the capital city of New Delhi. The dynamism and energy with which Kaushalya conducts her affairs be it dance, music or the institution is envious. Her passion towards her art form combined with her dedication towards promoting it makes her one of the key cultural players in India today.

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