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If dancers are representatives of a culture, what one could see in Raja and Radha Reddy were the rich, intricate, melodic and poignant qualities.. that is India in all its diversity Pira Sudham, Bangkok Post
Raja and Radha Reddy move vigorous and athletic, their facial expressions naughty and piquant, their movements humorous, bold and picturesque. They provided the rousing finale of the evening in exact western terms… Max Loppert, Financial Times, London
One of the most superb performances seen anywhere in the world… New York Dance Times
Stormed and circled the stage flashing out showers of cleanly articulated dramatic gestures… Don McDonagh in The New York Times
Radha and Raja’s recital should be an eye-opener to many other professional and self-styled artistes in our country… The Times of India
Raja and Radha Reddy performed bits of Kuchipudi – more sculpturesque with sunny charm Evening Standard, London
Raja’s posture, his slightest movement, his timing – all be spoke an outstanding dancer both authoritative and natural no matter whether or not you know anything at all about Kuchipudi… JamsKennedy in the Guardian
Raja and Radha Reddy scaling a new water mark of excellence… breathe taking stamina, fine technique and above all its merging with superbly felt and conveyed expressions… Shanta Sarabjeet Singh, The Hindustan Times
Raja with his wife Radha Reddy was outstanding when he presented the nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu…. Here was a strikingly handsome young male dancer with strong stage presence, making the village dance-drama style of Kuchipudi spring to life, and dancing at high speed under full control… Fernau Hall in the Daily Telegraph
Raja and Radha Reddy attractive pair, she tiny, curvaceous and prone to fits of giggles, he tall and romantically handsome. They are virtually unique in the classical dance of India because they always perform as a couple… Jan Murray in The Guardian

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